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October 05, 2022

Invitation for Offers - Rental of Office space for Antenna Office in Skopje, North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia – Ministry of Local Self-government in cooperation with the Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Local Government Administration, in the frame of implementing the activities of the IPA CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia 2014-2020:   Ministry of Local Self-Government of Republic of North Macedonia launches PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT     For renting an office space for the needs of the IPA CBC KS-MK in SKOPJE   The office space should fulfill the following conditions:   The office should be located in the city center in Skopje, nearby the offices of the Ministry for local self-government. The office should be ready for immediate accommodation The office should have 40-50 m2 working space (toilet included) with good thermic and noise isolation Fulfill the European Standards for visibility, energy efficiency, easy access and parking space (not mandatory) Possess access to water, electricity, internet and phone Possess heating and cooling appliances and mini kitchen with fridge Possess functional toilet   The offer should include: Price in Macedonian Denars and in Euros WITHOUT VAT. If the ...

September 23, 2022

Practical management of the IPA II CBC projects under the 4th Call for Proposals

The Joint Technical Secretariat and the Antenna Office staff in the premisses of the JTS Office in Prishtina organized a workshop for the staff of the project: Reviving Crafts and Building Culture for Joint Touristic Development on the topic of: Practical Management of the IPA II CBC projects under the 4th Call for Proposals. The workshop consisted the practical issue during the implementation of the project such as: Understanding the project Contract and its annexes, Procurement procedures and supporting documents. Visibility and the regional Monitoring Database.  The project "Reviving Crafts and Building Culture for Joint Touristic Development" is implemented jointly by the Municipality of Prizren, Municipality of Tetovo, CEED Macedonia and CEED Kosovo.

September 01, 2022

Operating Structures organized bilateral meeting

On Monday 29th of August  2022, in Prishtina, Kosovo the Operating  Structures of the programme Ministry of Local Government Administration of Kosovo and the  Ministry of Local Self-governent and with the support of the Joint Technical Secretariat organized the regular bilateral meeting of the programme structures.   The main topic of the  meeting was planing the Technical Assistance for year 2023, as well as the foreseen activities for the period September - December 2022 and January - June 2023.   The meeting was held in  the premisses of the Ministry of Local Government Administration in Prishtin, Kosovo.


Info days: Tetovo, 11:00-13:30

Business Development Center
South East European University
Address: Ilindenska 335, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

Info days: Kumanovo, 12:00-14:00

Former committee building (Hall of the City Council of Kumanovo)
Address: Ilindenska nn 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia

Info days: Prizren, 11:00-13:30

Prizren Municipality 3rd floor –Conference room)

Info days: Gjilan/Gnjilane, 11:00-13:30

Municipal Assembly(Mayor’s office, 1st floor)

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