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Invitation for workshop for potential applicants in Prishtina

IPA III CBC Programme Kosovo - North Macedonia 2021 - 2027 will launch the 1st Call for Project Proposals very soon. 
We are inviting all interested parties to apply for attending to a two-day workshop for potential applicants.

The workshops will be organized in two groups of maximum 25 participant. Interested parties will have to choose the training session they will attend. One participants is allowed to attend only once.

The workshop will be organized as “project clinics” in preparation of project proposals as per requirement of the CBC Programme Kosovo - North Macedonia 2021-2027 within the 1st Call for proposals expected to be launched in forthcoming weeks by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

Please register your interest in participating in the workshops by completing the form below.
Group 1:
Date : 29 - 30 April 2024


Group 2:
Date : 14- 15 May 2024


Venue in Prishtina: TBD (will be shared with registered participants)