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6th Bilateral Meeting

On the 22nd of October 2021, in Skopje  the Ministry of Local Self-government hosted the 6th Bilateral Meeting between the Operating Structures of the programme Ministry of Local Self-government and Ministry of Local Government Administration. The Joint Technical Secreatariat and Antenna Office staff participated in the meeting too.

As per agenda: the JTS Stafff presented the Request for Addendum of the TAGC for year 2022 consisting of: Justification Note, budget reallocation, activity plan and Log Frame Matrix. The representatives of the Operating Structures agreed on the content and modalities of the Request for Addendum and the same will be submitted to Contracting Authority.

During the meeting, the ToR for the 1.Awareness Assesment Study and 2.Technical Assistance for Local Authorities for preparation of project applications were also presented and the timeline of the impementation was discussed.

The next meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee was also point of discussion. As per Annual working plan the next meeting of the JMC will be organized in December 2021.


This programme is financed by the European Union.