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The Cross Border Cooperation House inaugurated

The Cross Border Cooperation House was officially inaugurated today in Pristina. It will serve as a joint coordination point between all IPA CBC Programs that Kosovo , Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro participate in and will provide easier access to information for all potential applicants.
During his opening remarks at the ceremony, Tomáš Szunyog, the Head of EU Office/EU Special Representative, said that a number of CBC projects were completed and many more are ongoing. These
cooperation projects allow for the transfer of knowledge and experience across borders.
“The Cross Border Cooperation grant scheme aims to encourage communication, increase trust and people-to-people initiatives in cross border regions, support joint actions that build sustainable development and good neighbourly relations. Simply, they make the everyday life of communities on each side of the borders better and easier. The EU in Kosovo will continue to support the Kosovo institutions on their endeavours as regards reform implementation, sustainable development and increased prosperity towards European Union integration'.
This programme is financed by the European Union.