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Online monitoring database training

On January 13, 2020 the Joint Technical Secretariat in cooperation with CBIB+3 team organized an online monitoring database training.

The training was organized for the beneficiaries of the Third Call for Proposal with the goal to facilitate the submission of indicators and results of the projects.

In the Third Call for proposals three projects were financed in the total amount of 1,417,106 Euros

1. "Common actions for environment protection through improvement of wastewater and sewage system " implemented by Municipality of Gazi Baba and Hani i Elezit

2. "Substantial environmental and health benefits in cross-border area" implemented by P.E. Hidromorava Gjilan and P.E. Vodovod Kumanovo

3. "Enhancement of cultural and natural heritage values " implemented by Municipality of Gjilan and Municipality of Kumanovo