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Invitation to Offer – Rental office space

Ministry of Local Government Administration in the frame of IPA II is the implementing body of three Cross Border Cooperation programmes:

  1. Kosovo – North Macedonia, IPA II, 2014 – 2020;
  2. Montenegro - Kosovo, IPA II, 2014 – 2020 and
  3. Albania – Kosovo, IPA II, 2014 – 2020.


These Programmes are implemented by three Technical Assistance (TA) teams, whose Contracting Authority is the respective EU Delegation, while the implementing bodies are the state institutions in the respective countries. In the frame of the three Programmes, three AT teams are contracted and commenced the implementation as follows:

  • TA of the Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia, Contract Nr. 2019/410-322;
  • TA of the Programme Montenegro - Kosovo,  Contract Nr. 2019/403-185 and,
  • TA of the Programme Albania-Kosovo, Contract Nr. 2019/ 411-818.


In the frame of the Technical Assistance programmes, we invite all interested parties to submit their offer for letting of Rental office space in Prishtina, for placing of three offices of the following CBC Programmes:


  1. The Office of Joint Technical Secretariat, CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia
  2. Antenna Office of the Joint Technical Secretariat , CBC Programme Montenegro – Kosovo and ,
  3. Antenna Office of the Joint Technical Secretariat, CBC Programme Albania-Kosovo;


The Rental Office space shall fulfil the following specific conditions:


  • To possess the construction permit including all required documents in accordance with legislation in force;
  • To be in a regular condition without needing refurbishment interventions;
  • The interior of the office space shall be designed according to the needs of the three programmes;
  • Utility (electricity, water supply) and other services shall be installed in the building/office
  • It shall contain two offices, each of 15m2;
  • One meeting hall of at least  30 m2;
  • Toilettes with all necessary accessories;
  • One training hall of at least 60 m2;
  • Parking space for three vehicles;
  • The total office space shall be minimum 120 m2;
  • Preferably to be connected to the Termokos District Heating company;
  • Preferably to have a kitchen with all electric equipment and accessories including the
  • The tax obligations shall be borne by the Offerer/lender, according to legislation in force.
  • Payment of municipal services, including utilities (electricity, water supply and waste bills) shall be included in the price offered for monthly basis;
  • Location: Prishtina (Prishtina City Centre near Rilindja Building);
  • The duration of the rent contract shall be up to 3 years, with possibility of extension.


The interested parties shall submit:


  • The Offer with supporting documents based on the above specifications and the Rental Price per month.


The selection of the successful Offeror shall be made on the basis of completion of specifications and the best price offered within the budgetary limits of the TA programmes.


All interested parties shall submit their offers and supporting documents not later than 20th of January 2020 in the email address: shkelzen.hoxha@rks-gov.net  or by physical delivery in the following address: ex Rilindja building (12th Floor, Office no 1217), by specifying in the subject line: Invitation to Offer – Rental office space.


Any other form of communication, besides the above instructions, shall not be considered.