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Call for bids – office renting

Call for bids – office renting

Date of publication of call:

30 March 2018


The Ministry of Local Administration, in framework of Project “Support Measure for Technical Assistance for Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes between IPA II beneficiaries under service contract with the title “ Technical Assistance (TA) for the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Kosovo – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014 -2020” invites all interested parties to submit their bids for renting an office for the Joint Technical Secretariat in Gjilan/Gnjilane, with the following specification:


  • Have a construction permit and all other required documents under applicable law;
  • The total space should be between 80 – 100 m2;
  • To have 1 office,1 meeting room  30 - 40 m2   
  • 1 toilet;
  • To be in ground floor or on the first floor;
  • To be in regular condition without needing to make any intervention or renovation;
  • Electricity, water and other services should be installed in the facility/office;
  • Parking space for at least two cars;
  • The main door of the office must be secured/armored;
  • To be located in the city center of Gjilane;
  • Have a kitchen;
  • Have a terrace if the object is on the first floor;


All interested parties should submit:

Offer (based on these specification together with the rental price per month)


The selection of the winner will be based on the basic criterion and the most economically favorable price (market price). All interested parties must send bids and all documents no later than 08 April 2018 to the e-mail address: shkelzen.hoxha@rks-gov.net or in a physical copy at the address: former Rilindja building (12th floor, office 1217), specifying the subject: call for bids – office renting.


Any other form of communication, other than the above instruction, will not be taken into account.