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JTS completes on-spot check monitoring visits to the project of Sharr Mountain Region

JTS staff completed on-spot check monitoring visits to the project "Cooperative Boundary Learning for Eco-system Management and Sustainable Development in Sharr Mountain Region" implemented by University of Prishtina in Kosovo and University of Tetovo in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The Project is 24 months, and its implemented in Republic of Kosovo (South Economic Region and East Economic Region) and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Polog region)

Main beneficiaries of the project include Staff and students of involved in both universities; conservation management authorities; local community, state institutions; NGOs; private sector and business communities in both countries

The JTS team performed examination of related foreseen procedures and activities within the of the grant contract : the financial procedures and supporting documents : invoices, contracts, payments, budget reconciliation, staff engagement and their performance The JTS team also discuss the action working plan, the activity timeframe and further steps in project implementation.

For more information on the IPA CBC Programme Kosovo – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020, please click also on programme facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ipacbckosovoformeryugoslavrepublicofmacedonia/